The Garcinia Cambogia Craze And Its Real Effects

Use of the hcg hormone for weight loss has become quite a phenomenon in the world of weight loss in today’s time. After all, who would have expected that a hormone which initially functions for the proper growth and development of a fetus in a pregnant woman’s body would become the key to fast and effective weight loss? Indeed this breakthrough has gotten dieters from everywhere to look up and take notice because of its remarkable results in weight loss.

The use of the hormone hcg, or what is most commonly known as the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, as the key ingredient for shedding off those extra and unwanted fats is a safe and reasonable process. What it does it that once it goes inside the human body it goes straight for the hypothalamus and communicates with it to send off a command to the abnormal fats. This command would enable those fats to be activated so that they will now be mobilized and become available for fat burning. By doing so, this would produce a long term effect in keeping the weight off because the fats being handled here are those that are found in the hard to reach areas in the body such as the ones under the arms, the thighs, under the chin, the belly and the like. If you love your body and health then have some vitamin-c serum.
The hcg formula comes in the form of hcg drops or injections. If one prefers to use the drops, it can be administered into the body from under the tongue. The individual is to keep the drops under the tongue for about sixty seconds (a minute) before finally swallowing it through. In the hcg diet protocol, the individual is to take ten to fifteen drops every day before every meal. That’s a total of thirty to forty five drops in a day.
Users have attested to having lost a total of around thirty four pounds in as fast as thirty days (a month). That is roughly an average of one pound a day. However, a lot of users have also reported to lose up to three pounds a day on average. No wonder more and more people are trying to get on with this breakthrough.  Dr. Oz has since moved onto promoting a much more reliable ingredient called Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss from doctor oz, which helps suppress appetite and block fat.

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